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Parker Twin Bell Alarm & S.T. Mini Column

Jeremy Woodoff

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Jun 30, 2002
I found these two additions to my collection at the Jersey shore. I've been wanting one of these Parker alarms for a while, but seeing one in person encouraged me to shell out $100 for it. The nickel plating is in great shape. Missing the minute hand, and the click isn't holding. I haven't been able to figure out how to remove the movement from the case. I think it's supposed to come out from the front after removing the rear screws, but it doesn't budge. The alarm movement is separate, under the base.

The Seth Thomas mini column was $85 and in very nice condition. Sixteen inches high, original finish, glasses, mirror, S.T. hands, pendulum, and large, 8-day lyre movement. The beautiful veneer is rosewood, except the columns, which are grain painted. The movement is marked "Plymouth" and the label "Thomaston," dating the clock to 1866 or just after. The column capitals and bases have been gold painted, but I think the gilt is still underneath, and I will attempt to expose it. Unfortunately, the dial and pan have been replaced. Anyone have an old S.T. dial with convex, raised chapter ring, about 7" square with a 5 1/2" time track?


Bruce Barnes

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Mar 20, 2004
Beautiful clocks.............I have lusted after the Parker Twin also buy usually just a little spendy you got a good deal !!
I own the ST Mini Empire.great clock keeps excellent time amd also draws nice comments as your's will too.
If someone has the correct dial,see if you have two as my dial was also replaced.

Steven Thornberry

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Jan 15, 2004
Here and there
Nice finds, Jeremy. The Parker is worth the effort to restore, and I like the ST, always wanted one at a good price, but no luck so far. At the price you paid, you did quite well. :clap: