Paris - Hopital Militaire du Val-de-Grace

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  1. kirxklox

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    Paris - Hopital Militaire du Val-de-Grace

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  2. John Hubby

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    PARIS, Military Hospital of Val-de-Grace (Valley of Grace).

    From the card, in French:
    PARIS - Hôpital Militaire du Val-de-Grâce. Construit par Mansart à la naissance de Louis XVI. Peinture de Philippe de Champaigne, Fresques de Mignard. Tombeau d/Henriette de France

    English Translation:
    PARIS - Military Hospital of the Valley-of-Grace. Built by Mansart on the occasion of the birth of Louis XVI. Paintings of Philippe de Champaigne, Frescos of Mignard. The tomb of Henriette of France.

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