One Man's Collection Become One Museum's Treasure

Discussion in 'NAWCC NEWS' started by Gene Klodzen, Jan 18, 2018.

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    COLUMBIA, PA: The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors’ (NAWCC) is excited to announce a new donation to its National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, PA. The donation is actually a vast collection of clocks from NAWCC Florida member, Stuart Gottdenker. This collection will be on exhibit in 2018 and will be featured at the Museum in July at the 75th anniversary celebration of the NAWCC.

    Executive Director Tom Wilcox explains, “This collection donated from a long, loyal, and faithful member is a true example to the membership. Come take a look at the beloved items that Stu has passed over to our care and display for future generations of watch and clock lovers in our Museum.”

    “My introduction to horology began while I was on my first job interview. As I sat in the office of the Director of Copywriter Personnel at SSC&B (a major international advertising agency located in Manhattan), I noticed five old clocks above my interviewer’s desk. Tick tock, tick tock. I was hooked into reading every clock book in the library. I was hooked into going to the Metropolitan Museum 3–4 days a week on my lunch hour. I was hooked into visiting every antique shop I could find. I was hooked into meeting other collectors and spending my few surplus dollars on clocks,” shares Stu.

    “So here I am, 50 years and 250 clocks later. Hoping these rare clocks will bring a sense of history, joy, awe, and appreciation to those who experience their beauty. In the collection you will find the Willards, the Terrys, the J. C. Browns, the Howards, and many others who helped to create, develop, and enhance an industry once as uniquely American as apple pie,” Stu continues to share.

    “Thanks to the wonderful donation from Stu Gottdenker, the Museum now has pieces that are not only in amazing condition but are also rare. We are happy, proud, and thankful that he was so generous to donate his lifelong collection to us,” states Curator of Collections Kim Jovinelli.

    Kim Craven
    NAWCC Marketing and Events Coordinator

    p: 717.684.8261 Ext.231

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