ATO On a Whim I bought a Leon Hatot Clock. Now What?

Discussion in 'Electric Horology' started by Ethan Lipsig, Mar 16, 2020.

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  1. Ethan Lipsig

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    I collect pocket watches, not clocks, but on a whim I just bought a Leon Hatot clock at a German auction. See
    Dropbox - Hatot.docx - Simplify your life. I would be grateful for your advice on these issues:
    1. Does the watch appear to have its original movement?
    2. Does the movement appear complete?
    3. What kind of battery does this clock use and how and where is it installed?
    4. Besides installing the battery, is there anything else I should do or have done before starting it up?
    5. If the watch needs servicing, who should I send it to? I have no watchmaking skills. I have highly-skilled professional watchmakers restore and service my pocket watches.
    6. The bakelite at the top front left corner of the clock appears warped. Who can I send the clock to for a bakelite repair if I want to have it repaired?
    7. I paid 600 Euros for this clock, 908 Euros with the buyer's premium, shipping and other charges. An identical Hatot with a dial in poorer condition sold for about 800% more back in 2006 at an Antiquorom auction. See the linked document for information. Have clock prices declined precipitously since 2006, or did I get a good buy?

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