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Dec 1, 2010
hi, i got an omega pocket watch. number on back of the watch is 1840472. watch is made from sturdy nickel silver. 21 jewel. superior adjusted. the hand crank is on the right side of the watch. it does has a second timer on the bottom of the watch on the fron face. any have any info on this or what its worth?

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Jan 15, 2004
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Welcome to the message board. I have moved your thread to the European Pocket Watch forum. I'm sure others will be happy to discuss the incidentals of your watch; they may want pictures to help the, however. I will say, myself, that we are not allowed to offer appraisals of values on the message board.


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Aug 26, 2000
Hi christaylor:

Welcome to the NAWCC European & Other Pocket Watches Message Board!

It sounds llike you have a nice watch. It would be helpful if you could post pictures of the dial, the movement (the "works") and markings stamped inside of the case (you can ignore any "hand-scratched" characters, they're watch repairers' marks), the clearer and sharper, the better. Other pictures will help a little, but these are the most important.

Also, it sounds like your watch is what is referred to as a sidewinder, but pictures will enable us to be sure.

To post an image, scroll to the top of the thread and click on "FAQ," then scroll down to "vBulletin FAQ" and click on the "How to post images" and follow the instructions. Note that there is no indication of attaching a file (picture) until you go to actually post your thread or your reply. The picture does not show up in the "Instant Reply" text box in which you've written your thread or your reply, nor does the picture appear in the "Preview." You can test your efforts in the Just Practicing and Learning Forum.

Its also helpful if you can post all the markings that are on the movement (the "works") in case they can't be seen in the picture(s).

I'm sorry to say that as it says near the top of this page, in the menu bar, "No Appraisals." However, knowing the proper description of your watch (which hopefully we can provide) you should be able to use a Google Search to find similar watches offered by internet dealers, or on eBay, and see what they are selling for. Alternately, check the value in the Complete Price Guide to Watches, No 27, C. Shugart, T. Engle and R. Gilbert, Tinderbox Press, Mount Pleasant, SC, 2007. A new edition comes out each year in February, so ask for the latest edition. The book is available at libraries, at most major booksellers and online at the NAWCC Gift Shop (ask about the current edition). Condition matters! Also, a solid gold case instead of a nickel or gold-filled case will make a difference as well.

Good luck,

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