Old Message Board style layout vs New Compact view. We have both........

Discussion in 'Forums Help & Notices' started by Ray Fanchamps, Jan 18, 2012.

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    The upgrade offered an opportunity for redesign of the site. We offered a "compact view" of the forum. That view allowed for a quick scan to check for new activity in all areas. Some users like that view.

    Some users prefer the Old list view whereby everything was contained in a long list for ready viewing of who, what and when. So we have found a way to present both.

    This link takes you to the compact view.
    https://mb.nawcc.org/forum.php This will be the "default view", the page new users will start out at.

    If this compact view is your preferred view......bookmark the page. Whenever you move from the compact to the list you can always return to the compact view by scrolling to the top left side of the page and next to the ads you will see "Forums". Click on "Forums" to return to the compact view.

    If you want the "Old list view" follow this link.

    If this is your preferred view bookmark the page. If you find yourself in the compact view and want the old list view simply click on the top Header link marked "Horological Education", that will open up to list view.

    Both links shown here take you to the same resource just a different startpoint/view.

    You click counters can refine your activities even more than that. You can go to you favourite category......"Clocks"....."Watches" wherever....bookmark that page and you can re-enter the resource from there anytime you wish.

    Please continue to post feedback in the appropriate threads.

    Thank you for your patience during the upgrade.

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