October Object- Seth Thomas Developmental Era Off-Center Gilt Column Clock, c. 1820

Discussion in 'American Clock & Watch Museum' started by Peter A. Nunes, Oct 7, 2013.

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    In a glass case at the museum, in the Barnes Wing, is an exceptionally rare and unusual clock from circa 1818-20- a Seth Thomas gilt column empire case. There are only a handful of these known, and they contain a Model 2 off-center early pillar & scroll movement, with count wheel strike. This example features a seconds bit. These were made in very low numbers during the developmental era of Eli Terry/Seth Thomas pillar and scroll clocks. This example was first published in Lockwood Barr's "Terry Clock Book"- it is further illustrated and described, with a picture of the interior, in Dr. Snowden Taylor's 64 page booklet, The Developmental Era of Eli Terry and Seth Thomas Shelf Clocks, pp. 28 and 35. This example is in remarkable condition, with a spectacular tablet and a nearly perfect dial.

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    Re: October Object- Seth Thomas Developmental Era Off-Center Gilt Column Clock, c. 18

    This is beautiful. It shows how elegant and attractive a simple clock style can be.

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