North Pickenham (Norfolk UK) church clock

Discussion in 'Tower, Monumental & Street Clocks' started by M Saxon, Oct 1, 2018.

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  1. M Saxon

    M Saxon Registered User

    Mar 5, 2013
    North Pickenham, Norfolk, UK
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    I was asked the other day if I could "have a look" at our village's church clock. Some of the locals had heard I was into clock repair and told the church warden. I read up all I could about tower clocks and decided to take the plunge.
    Straight away I could see that the clock has been converted to electric winding and found the strike side had "over wound" itself and had jammed up. I freed this up and the self winder kicked in. I then got the chimes back into synchronization and set the correct time.
    Today after three weeks I noticed it was running a bit fast (in fact I was advised by a villager) so ventured up the tower again this time armed with my camera. I adjusted the pendulum a couple of turns on the regulating nut and will no doubt have to go back and fine tune it!
    I have also been asked to write a small piece for the village magazine about the clock so am really looking for anything anyone can tell me about it. As you can see, I guess it is fairly typical of what is found in small rural churches here in the UK. The inscription on the great wheel appears to indicate it was made by a Norfolk clock maker as it is engraved R. ULPH and has a date of 1819. The church bell has a date of 1845 which is sort of consistent with the date the church was re-built .

    NORTH PICKENHAM, THE STREET Church of St. Andrew

    Parish church. Largely rebuilt 1863 by D. Male, but retaining much of earlier west tower and north transept.

    1819.jpg Anchor-and-adjuster.jpg Bell-insciption.jpg Bell-overview.jpg close.jpg close-to.jpg Front.jpg Overview.jpg R-ULPH.jpg Tower-clock.jpg

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