Nivada Alerta 17 Rubis Compensamatic

Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by Lynn Cox, Dec 1, 2019.

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  1. Lynn Cox

    Lynn Cox New Member

    Apr 5, 2011
    I recently purchased this watch in a watch lot and I know nothing about alarm wristwatches. I am able to set the time by pulling out the stem located at 4 o'clock but I must maintain pull on the crown while adjusting the time. Is that normal for this type of watch? I've played around a bit with the upper stem. It seems the alarm time is set by pulling the stem out. The alarm time hand adjusts only counter clockwise. When I twist the upper crown while the stem is engaged, it feels like I am winding a watch. Is that how the alarm is wound up like an old time alarm clock? Does anyone have any additional info on the movement? Any info is appreciated.

  2. captainscarlet

    captainscarlet Registered User

    Oct 15, 2013
    British Army RTD
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    Hi Lynn, the movement looks to be of the AS1475 family. There is a logo and caliber number by the balance wheel which I can’t quite see in your photo.
    To wind the watch and set the time use the crown at 4.
    To wind the alarm and set it use the crown at 2 (alarm is set anticlockwise)
    To enable the alarm pull crown at 2.
    To disable it push in crown at 2.
    There may be an issue with the keyless works if you need to maintain outward pressure to set the time as the stem should click into the setting position.

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