Newbie - buy tools at NAWCC event?


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Jan 2, 2011
Richardson, TX
I have become bitten by the old watch repair/collect bug. At an estate sale I met an NAWCC member who advised me of a regional event in my area (Dallas) in March. I just joined NAWCC and look forward to this event. Being a newbie I need tools. I'm learning the importance of screwdrivers already since I have yet to get a screw out with a cheap set of "precision" screwdrivers (I have a few pocket watches, I think I need to try one of them instead of wristwatches). Anyway, would you advise I buy tools at this event instead of online? At least I would see what I am getting and get free advice too. Thanks,


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Nov 26, 2008
It is a slippery slope you are approaching-- most of us have slid a LONG way already!;)
I would highly recommend buying tools at NAWCC events, either regionals or local chapter meetings. Be patient--sometimes it takes time to find just what you're looking for. Buy quality, too.
One or two things I would not buy used, unless the condition is very good, and these are :
Screwdrivers. Stay away from Asian or Indian cheapies and stick with Swiss or the French sets. You might have to swallow hard when it comes to spending $75-$100 for a set of screwdrivers, but the first time your cheapie driver skips out of a slot and across a gold case or high grade mvt you'll wish you had spent a little more for quality. And pick up a sharpening jig and stone to keep your screwdrivers in top form. You'll never regret it.
Tweezers. Again, unless you get a set you know to be good, buy new. And no Indian or Asian here, either. The quality is just not there. I would recommend two sets of "3-C", and if you can find them, I recommend brass ones. They do require more care, but are gentler on some of the more delicate parts. I use them most of the time, and prefer to manipulate bridges, etc with them. A pair if No.5's are good for hairspring work, and I use a set to work with roller jewels as well. But the ones I use for hairsprings are used ONLY for hairsprings.
A very good source for tweezers is Dashto Horological . He has a great website and is very fair with his prices. If his tweezers are described as excellent or new manufacture, they're good.
Loupe or Opti-Visor for magnification
A good light and a stable, comfortable place to work
I could go on, as you can tell, but you'll learn as you go. Join a local chapter or two and get to know the folks there. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how helpful everyone is. Good Luck. George (in Pa., that is)


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Feb 1, 2007
Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Regarding screwdrivers, the first thing you're going to have to learn is how to re-grind them to suit the screws at hand. Even if you go out and spend the $$$ on the very best Swiss set they will not fit the screws in your 1930's Waltham right out of the box. (They will, sort of, fit the screws in a current manufacture Swiss movement.) So when shopping for screwdrivers what you are really buying is a nice set of handles.
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