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New Zoom Meeting Program Sources

Tim Orr

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Sep 27, 2008
Boulder CO
Good afternoon, all!

Turning lemons into lemonade:

A number of NAWCC Chapters are holding meetings online using the Zoom system (or others).
This is a great way to keep chapter members "connected" and active during this time of Covid.

After attending a Zoom meeting held by the Seattle Area Chapters that featured speaker Bob Pritzker (from Toronto!), the idea arose that we could create a special "Speakers' Bureau" of presenters who are willing to participate in Zoom meetings. After all, if the Seattle Area Chapters could have a presenter from clear across North America, there's nothing to stop us from connecting chapters and presenters all over the world.

Since that time, the Seattle Area Chapters have featured presentations by Andy Dervan (Michigan) and Tom McIntyre (Boston). I contacted Bob, Andy, and Tom, and all are willing to make arrangements with chapters to present using the Zoom system. Bob Burton, NAWCC Board member and member of the Chapter Relations Committee, is contacting the people on our existing Speakers' Bureau, to find out if they'd be willing to participate via Zoom.

Chapter 21 in Denver does Zoom meetings with technical presentations. So does Chapter 160 in Boulder. Last week, I attended a Zoom meeting of Chapter 8 (New England) on watch timing machines. There are, no doubt, many more. The truth is, with Zoom, I am attending more meetings more often than ever before!

Given it's so easy to attend a Zoom meeting, we can invite NAWCC members from everywhere to attend chapter meetings anywhere. Let's start doing that!
The Seattle Area Chapters are now holding meetings every other week!

Are you willing to give presentations for Chapter meetings using electronic meeting systems?
Please reply here or to me privately or via e-mail: torr286@aol.com

No, of course it's not the same, not as good, not a sufficient substitute for – a real chapter meeting with a real, in-person speaker, a Mart, fellowship, refreshments, hands-on demonstrations, show-and-tell, workshops, etc. And, unless you're a skilled video producer, you're probably going to have to present using PowerPoint or PDF slides. But right now, a lot of regular options are closed to us.

We need something to keep our chapters vibrant until we can return to whatever "normalcy" ends up looking like. We won't get anywhere if we hibernate.

We plan to publish a list of speakers who are willing to make chapter meeting presentations, a list of topics, and contact information for the presenters. Watch this space! And please get in touch if you're willing to participate!

Best regards!

Tim Orr
Lu Sadowski
Bob Burton
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