American New Haven Spin Start Clock

Discussion in 'Electric Horology' started by wbranko, Jan 5, 2020.

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  1. wbranko

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    Feb 1, 2004
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    I am having some trouble having to clean and oil a New Haven electric spin start clock every 3 years or so. I think it may be that I have been putting oil on the small thin rod that the rotor spins on. Could someone who knows these clocks give me an opinion on whether the rotor rod should be oiled...and if so what kind of oil?

    Also, there are four thin spacer washers under the rotor. How critical are these? Do I need to tinker with these or just clean them and put them back on? The clock is having some starting issues and I was thinking maybe I need another spacer washer? 20191228_123247.jpg 20191228_123312 - Copy.jpg

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