New Haven Cunard Striking Clock Question

Discussion in 'Clock Case Restoration and Repair' started by mshamblin, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. mshamblin

    mshamblin Registered User

    Aug 3, 2017
    North Alabama
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    I have a question about an arm on the movement of a clock I just bought the other day. I have not been able to find any pictures online of this movement so I figured I would ask here.
    The arm moves freely and did not have anything attached to it when I took the face off. I just cannot figure out what it is or why it is there. My only thought is that maybe it would have to do with the "alarm" feature on other lines with the same movement but that could be way off also.
    I have attached a few pictures of the clock and the movement. The part in question has been circled in red.

    Another question is about a wobble with the pendulum. It only happens around 8pm and only seems to last around 10-20 minutes. I have checked the alignment of the crutch and it seems fine. The suspension spring is as straight as far as I can tell. Would there be anything else that would cause this?

    The clock keeps REALLY great time and chimes on cue. For a $20 yard sale find I have been very happy with it. Still have a good bit of cleaning and touchup to do but want to get it running without issue first.


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  2. gleber

    gleber Registered User

    Jun 15, 2015
    Downingtown, Pennsylvania USA
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    It is an alarm lever. It looks like you are missing the alarm setting ring that would go on the hour cannon and the alarm itself. The link you see would drop in a slot on the alarm setting ring and release the alarm. I can post some photos later.

    Even without the alarm, a nice clock for the price. I can't resist deals like that, but have to restrain myself to focus on my wish list.

    This should probably be posted in clock Repair section, not here in the Case Restoration and Repair section. Maybe a moderator can move it.

  3. Time After Time

    Time After Time Registered User
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    Feb 22, 2010
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    The dial is probably not original to the clock. As Tom has pointed out, your movement was originally pared with a separate alarm movement. If there are any holes in the lower left inside surface of the case, that would be where the alarm movement was mounted. If there are no holes (or patched holes) there, the movement was probably not original to the case. It's hard to tell from your photos but it looks like there may be patched holes there. If there are extra holes behind the main movement, that would be a pretty good indication that the movement is a transplant. The movement has a maker's stamp on it, I can quite make it out in your photos. What does it say?

    I've attached a photo of a Typical New Haven Alarm Mantel Clock set up. Regardless of originality or lack thereof, you got a very nice looking clock for $20. Congrats and Enjoy!

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