New Haven and Ingraham Time Only School Clocks


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Feb 5, 2019
I recently acquired the two clocks in the subject header via online auction. The listings had few pictures and I made the classic mistake of not asking any questions; I assumed that since I could see the makers on the label and the winding arbor holes, that there would, indeed, be winding arbors... and the movements to which they belonged. Sadly... nope. Both had been converted to cheap battery quartz movements. Much depressed. Oh well. They were cheap. The cases are in good shape, although one arrived with the glass over the face busted in a million pieces. No loss... it was a flat replacement glass anyway.

Well, not one to cry over my stupidity (if I did that, I'd spend a LOT of time crying.....), I guess I'm now on a quest for movements that will work. Ideally, it would be wonderful to find the exact model movements originally included, but anything would be better than the garbage that's in these nice cases now.

IngSchool.jpg NHS.jpg

As the pictures show, the Ingraham has a distance of 13" from center arbor to center of pendulum bob/window, 1.5" from center arbor to winding arbor, and the winding arbor is slightly offset to the left of the center line, about on the same radial the minute hand would be at at about 32 minutes past the hour.

The New Haven has a distance of 11" from center arbor to center of pendulum window, and 2" from center arbor to winding arbor, directly below the center.

If anyone has any information/hints as to what to look for in time-only movements for these clocks, I'd be most grateful for your input. I found one New Haven time-only movement online, and I believe there's a "9" stamped on the lower right leg of the front plate; still waiting to hear back from the seller regarding measurements from center to winding arbor. If anyone has an unneeded suitable movement they'd like to part with, in restorable condition (need not be working... just capable of being made to work without needing to fabricate parts on a lathe or mill... not up to that skill/tool level yet... can do most other things, i.e., bushings, springs, cleaning, adjusting, etc) for either clock, PLEASE contact me via PM.

Thanks for any advice or tips!

R. Croswell

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Apr 4, 2006
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Pendulum length and location of winding arbor and the length of the hand shaft from the back of the movement are the main things. If the holes line up and the pendulum fits it won't help much if the movement is so tall that the dial won't go on. You can always shim the movement if the shaft is too short if nothing is in the way of the pendulum, but shortening the center shaft is a task you may not be ready for. Swapping in movements is often full of surprises unless you find an exact original............ even then things can get interesting.


Willie X

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Feb 9, 2008
It's not as easy as you may think ... What RC said plus, pendulum length is always a wild card, no matter whose measurements you are going by.

Probably much better to sell the battery converted clocks and start over.

Willie X


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Oct 19, 2005
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I'll move your thread over to clocks general. One of those guys might have the correct Tran Duy Ly book to match the correct movement for you.
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