New clock... why won't it stay running?

Discussion in 'Your Newest Clock Acquisition' started by gleber, Jul 5, 2019.

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  1. gleber

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    Jun 15, 2015
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    Here are some of the reasons why clocks won't keep running, originally posted by @gleber.

    There are lot of reasons a clock won't stay running. I would start with Beat Setting 101. If that doesn't solve the problem here are some other ideas.
    • Out of beat - usually the first thing to check
    • Loss of power - dirty (clean and oil)
    • Loss of power - worn pivots or pivot holes (bush and polish)
    • Loss of power - binding (check for bent / misaligned parts)
    • Loose auto beat adjuster - doesn't impart enough force on the crutch
    • Incorrect anchor/verge depth in escape wheel (will affect the amount of pendulum swing. On a deadbeat, the escape wheel teeth have to land on the lock face, not the impulse face.
    Not all of the above may apply to your clock.

    Beat Setting 101
    "How To Do It" Articles!
    Hints & How-to's
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  2. tom427cid

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    I flgured that the main reason was it was being just plain ornery!!!!!!!!!!LOL
  3. Tim Orr

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    Good evening, all!

    Well, just for laughs, sometimes it's not wound! I worked on a Sonora Chime for a friend once. Got everything tuned up, and then he called me about two weeks later and said it had stopped. I picked it up and checked it out and ran it for a week, but found nothing wrong. Delivered it to him again, and again, after about two weeks, he said it had stopped.

    When I asked him if he had wound it, he said, "Well, that's the funny thing: When I went to wind it, the one side wound up, but the other was already tight." Did you guess what was wrong? Yup, he tried to wind both time and strike the same direction.

    I wouldn't have been that surprised, except that this guy was a professional mechanical engineer.

    So sometimes, it doesn't run because it isn't wound.

    Best regards!

    Tim Orr
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  4. Les harland

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    Elderly machinery is notorious for that

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