Need to replace ORIGINAL pattern for a broken kitchen clock.

Discussion in 'Reverse Glass and Dial Painting' started by phylrick, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. phylrick

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    Jan 14, 2017
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    I have restored an Ansonia "Greek" Kitchen Clock after the owner dropped it from a 10ft wall shelf. Everything is perfect but the door glass was badly broken. This clock is auctioning at $650 and up so the customer is against a 'foreign' replacement. The original clock is like this [​IMG] and unfortunately the broken glass looks like this[​IMG] Someone painted the black, red, and blue on the original. I can replace that easily if I can get the base image. My question is, can a transfer be made from the damaged glass that I have. Or can a whole glass be redone?? I have been told because of the rarity of the clock that the pattern has probably not been reproduced due to lack of market demand. To add insult to injury the customer is suddenly cost conscience and will probably bolt at a high cost. The other problem with finding a replacement is the dimensions are 5" H X 6.25" Wide....Height is measured from the bottom edge to the bottom of the circle. The circle is 5" Diameter and overall length is 11". Soooo with all the expertise that I read in this forum I am hoping someone can get me out of this jam!!!!!Thank You Guys......Cordially Rick S
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    I have a friend who paints free hand on glass and it looks amazingly like old original work. He can make the brush strokes heavy or light depending on what you want. He uses acrylic paints since oils take so long to dry, but there are some drying agents that might be used to speed up that process. If you can get a good picture or the art and the glass I can ask him what he might charge to create a real hand painted copy for you. Let me know what kind of glass or make the piece and we can get it sent?? I also have some new "wavy" glass stock that I have used in the past.

    Another option is that Shutterfly will now print your uploaded image to glass. For an odd size or shape you select an oversize glass stock from their website, position the image with their editor and then cut to size when you get the glass mailed to you. Their print does not look like brush strokes, it is flat ink printing.

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