Need help identifying this watch.

Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by Frasierkm, Oct 8, 2019.

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  1. Frasierkm

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    Oct 8, 2019
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    Good evening everyone! I’m new here and hoping someone can help me identify this watch. It was given to me in a bunch of stuff a friend of my mother in law wanted me to sell for her. I’ve been trying to identify it so I know how to price it and I’m coming up with nothing. At this point I’m wondering if it is even a real Waltham watch as I cannot find a serial number anywhere! Photos are attached and any info would be appreciated! Thank you!

    BDA48081-4F7D-4C79-81D5-80DC13C033B5.jpeg A71B1BD7-31B4-4278-AC0A-311CD54F387A.jpeg 9184BEB0-AE92-47E7-AB8A-C5CE6B07C373.jpeg 616FC540-1079-4176-BA43-C0C4BDBC7889.jpeg
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    The history of the Waltham watch company is kinda complicated. I found this article online. Lost to Time: Waltham Watch Company — Timepiece Chronicle
    From the article above - "
    The 1960s saw the Waltham Watch Company first acquired by the Bellance Aircraft Corporation and then by Harry Aronson in 1957. Aronson reorganized the company into two seperate entities, the Waltham Precision Instruments Company and the Waltham Watch Company of Delaware.

    The Waltham Precision Instruments Company focused on making specialized clocks and chronographs for aircraft control panels. The Waltham Watch Company of Delaware operated out of Chicago and would rename itself to the Waltham Watch Company. Both companies would get into trouble with the FTC over false advertising during the 1960s. Both companies had been importing Swiss movements, branding the Waltham and then used Waltham's history in advertising.

    Both companies were ordered to desist importing movements and advertising them as being a product of the original Massachusetts manufacture. The Waltham Precision Instruments Company continued making aircraft clocks and was purchased in 1994 by Prime Time Clocks. They renamed themselves Waltham Aircraft Clock Corporation and are still in business today."

    Your watch appears to be one of those made by "The Waltham Watch Company of Delaware" as it has a Swiss movement.

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