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  1. The following comes courtesy of NAWCC President Judy Draucker

    National Convention - Charlotte

    Congratulations and a special thank you are extended to General Chairman
    Gene Volk and all of those who worked to make the 2003 National Convention
    in Charlotte, North Carolina, a great success. The membership of the host
    chapters, Carolina Chapter No. 17 and Western Carolinas Chapter No. 126, as
    well as the many volunteers within the NAWCC are to be commended for a job
    well done.

    Serving as 2003 Convention Committee Chairmen were:
    General Chairman - Eugene Volk
    Co-Chairman-Chapter 17 - Leon Richmond
    Co-Chairman-Chapter 126 - Barbara Volk
    Finance - Lee Yelvington
    Mart - James Eller
    Programs - Bart Schmidt
    Door Prizes and Convention Sponsors - Rick Dunnuck
    Exhibit - James Mabry
    Crafts Competition - Mary Granger
    Security - Dennis Cole and Ron Richmond
    Publicity and Web Page - Chad and Kay Mitchell
    Unloading/loading - Scott Lemons
    Room Assignments and Program Booklet - Tom and Linda Borkowski
    Auction - Dorothy Gilbert
    Food Functions - Barbara Volk
    Registration - Eugene Volk
    Silent Auction - Joe Gaffney
    Signs - Susan Ashe
    Photography - Mack Shuping

    Preliminary registration numbers (subject to minor adjustment):
    Total Registration - 2,229
    Banquet - 314
    Old Timers and Fellows Luncheon - 79
    Chapter Representatives Luncheon - 68
    Pig Pickin - 254
    Mart Tables Sold - 974

    Membership Sales:
    New US Members - 36
    New International Members - 14
    Dues Renewals - 27
    Family Memberships - 5


    Star Fellow - John S. Hubby (TX)
    Fellows - Robert Butler (MD), Charles Buttz (PA), Charlotte Carrier (LA),
    Clint Geller (PA), William Donegan (KS), Fortunat Mueller-Maerki (NJ),
    Joanne Orr (OK), David Wood (PA)

    Dana J. Blackwell Award (for excellence in the field of clocks) - C. E.
    Beacham, III (OR)
    James W. Gibbs Literary Award (for excellence in literary achievement) - Lee
    H. Davis (PA)
    The Henry B. Freid Award (for excellence in the field of watches) was not

    Chapter of the Year - Carolina Chapter No. 17
    Chapter of the Year/First Runner-Up - Dixie Chapter No. 16
    Chapter of the Year/Second Runner-Up - First Australian Chapter No. 72

    Old Timer of the Year - Cas L. Woodbridge (PA)

    Admitted to the NAWCC Golden Circle (those who have been members for 50+
    John Losch (MA), Doris Barrington (PA), Robert Weideman (OH), William Kruge
    (CA), Sol Blickman (IN), Erich E. Salomon (PA), Bertram R. Jerman, Jr. (AZ),
    John C. Westerberg (NY), Raymond L. Oates (NY), Larry Givens (PA), Dr.
    Thomas Jarrold (OH), Paul H. Delinger (PA), Richard W. Husher (MA), Bruce A.
    Kock (CA), Dr. Theodore R. Crom (FL), Richard F. Brophy (CT), Glenn Wolfe

    CRAFT CONTEST WINNERS (see photos on

    Class 1. Single Train Clock Movements - Metal
    First Place - W. R. Smith (TN)
    Second Place - Norman Hopkins (NC)

    Class 5. Experimental Timepiece Designs
    First Place - John Shadle (NE)
    Second Place - Paul Fisk (VA)
    Third Place - Larry Fransen (MD)

    Class 6. Wood Clock Cases
    First Place - Bill Butler (CA)
    Second Place - Marco Roberts (FL)
    Third Place - Bill Peace (TX)
    Honorable Mention - Gene Kish (VA)
    Honorable Mention - Norman Hopkins (NC)

    Class 9. Watch Cases
    First Place - Ray Porter (NH)
    Second Place - Ray Porter (NH)

    Class 11. Authentic Replica Case
    First Place - Bill Butler (CA)

    Class 13. Clock Restoration
    First Place - Boris Vojvodich (NY)

    Class 15. Reverse Painting on Glass
    No First Place award presented.
    Second Place - David Lewis (NH)
    Third Place - David Lewis (NH)

    Class 16. Stencil Bronzing
    First Place - Phil Gregory (TX)

    Class 18. Painted Case Decoration
    First Place - Mary Etta Roeser (NY)

    Class 19. Wood Carving
    First Place - Gene Kish (VA)

    Class 20. Metal Engraving and Decorative Metal Parts
    First Place - Bronwyn Molloy (VA)
    Second Place - Allan Shaw (GA)
    Third Place - Allan Shaw (GA)

    Class 21. Horological Tools
    First Place - Robert Chapman (TN)
    Second Place tie - Mike Dempsey (WI)
    Second Place tie - Leland Martin (TX)
    Third Place - Paul Fisk (VA)

    Class 22. Horological Novelties
    First Place tie - Robert Gordon (FL)
    First Place tie - G. B. Taylor (NC)
    Honorable Mention - Sue Ellison (MI)
    Honorable Mention - Bruce Walls (AZ) for two entries

    People's Choice Winner
    John Shadle (NE) - First Place Winner in Class 5. Experimental Timepiece

    Mart Room Awards
    Best Overall Display - Larry Dalton (NY)
    Best Clock Display - Kenneth A. Sposato (NY)
    Awards for Best Watch Display and Best Commercial Display were not

    Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to all you worked and
    participated in the 2003 NAWCC National Convention in Charlotte, North

    Registrations are now being accepted for the 2004 National Convention in
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Judy Draucker
    NAWCC President

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