Nashua Jeweling on English watches

Discussion in 'European & Other Pocket Watches' started by Tom McIntyre, Jan 17, 2020.

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  1. Tom McIntyre

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    The title is a bit misleading. :)

    The first serious watch I bought was a 20 size Waltham from the 50,000 serial number run. Those watches were made in Nashua and almost all were finished in Waltham. When those watches were no longer in process, Waltham changed the jeweling to the American style with center jeweling instead of cap jewels on the pallet and escape wheel.

    I remember how exciting I found all that oddness when I first met these pieces.

    I recently bought an inexpensive going barrel Rotherhams watch signed on the movement for a jeweler on Jersey. It is about a 14 size or perhaps a little smaller. It provides an interesting insight into what the watchmakers at Nashua were trying to accomplish. They wanted a very respectable watch and did not think the Waltham 1857 model could be made to fit the bill.

    A7F15CD0-64FC-465C-BD2A-1432A92A7248.jpeg D766C061-8CF7-4DBB-B907-31195B063C27.jpeg 12038C56-7422-4AF6-98B5-1897CE8C4ED8.jpeg 2B7C11B6-A8B7-47A3-9BC3-54438B45A194.jpeg 7CA3F8BB-6753-45BD-AF53-9B64999F96DD.jpeg 063F3D56-E17C-4A1B-B259-DE156DFEE743.jpeg
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    I have a number of Rotherhams which I use as everyday watches, including one with the same movement that sits on my desk.

    Yours is #290735 from 1904/05 mine is #295056 from 1910/11. The series has serial numbers which I believe are in chronological sequence.

    20161010 001.jpg 20161010 002.jpg 20161010 003.jpg 20161010 005.jpg 20161010 007.jpg 20161010 008.jpg

    They were still producing key wound going barrels at the same time - I have an 1907/08 example that cost <£20. Now restored it is the most accurate pocket watch I have. Since I set the time after restoration at the end of October, I have not had to adjust it! Currently it is running 30s in front ahead of my computer and I have no doubt there has been some small fluctuations in the amount. I religiously wind at the same time each morning and will continue to do so until I see significant deviation. I plan to describe it in a future thread.


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