Namdor Non-Magnetic Pocket Watch

Discussion in 'American Pocket Watches' started by pwrudy, Feb 26, 2003.

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  1. pwrudy

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    Nov 7, 2002
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    Dear J.,
    being located in Germany, I could consult Pritchard a little earlier, but I did not find any entries on 'Namdor'. Spell it backwards, you end up at 'Rodman' who was a watch importer, located in New York, active in 1955 (could have started earlier!) - Harry Rodman Inc.
    I would not at all be sure that this is the guy who imported your watch to the U.S.
    It is clearly a swiss made dress watch, late 1910s to early 1920s, hour hand replaced and with 6 jewels on the cheaper side. It should look spectacular (the swiss were marketing geniusses!) and with that inscription 'chronometre' or 'non magnetic' (if I read it correctly) below the model name it should give the impression of extra accuracy.
    To say more about the movement, please snd a picture.
    Have fun with your watch!
  2. Kent

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    Aug 26, 2000
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    Larry Jones has written up a useful article on Image Posting, which may be helpful. If you have a problem posting the picture, you can attach it to an e-mail to (by clicking on my name in the upper left-hand corner of this post) and I'll post it for you.


    That guy down in Georgia :)
  3. cogito

    cogito Guest

    I don't know if it helps or not, but I sold a late 30s Mido date window tank wrist watch a couple of months ago and it had a Namdor dial. I was told that the Namdor name was referencing a US distributor of Mido watches during the 30s, so this fits with the earlier suggestion of a reversal of the Namdor name. It might be helpful to compare your watch to a Mido for similarities in the movement.

    Jeff B.

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