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My new Seiko wall clock has arrived!


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Nov 7, 2021

-wooden housing
-glass crystal
-2 chime modes: Westminster and Wittington
-Roman numerals
-no ticking sound
-volume control
-chime silence mode
-silence chimes automatically during nighttime quiet hours
-12" diameter fits above my door like a glove
-chimes quarterly, tolls the hours on the hour


-uses C battery, won't fit in my NiMH battery charger
-minor esthetics glitch- hands slightly bent upward at the tips, hands not perfectly straight and parallel with clock face but no big deal, you have to look close to see this imperfection, this slight upward curvature of hands seems common; my prior Walmart clock's hands were so badly bent I had to take the clock apart and straighten them out by hand; I could monkey with the hands on this Seiko if I wanted to as it has screws on the back for disassembly
-retails between $95 and $135
-no provisions for user to adjust/regulate clock speed

I purchased a 4-year Asurion plan for it. Hopefully, the clock will maintain a decent level of accuracy in the long haul. So far so good. When the clock is set, the chimes might not be in sync with the hands for about an hour or so. The directions say the clock can be set by moving the hands forward or backwards. On mechanical chiming/striking clocks, hands are only moved forward to set the instrument's time. This Seiko battery clock seems to sync up its chimes and hands properly and automatically after about an hour or so of running after time is set. The book coming with the clock mentions nothing about the chimes syncing process. This is a mystery of horology. It seems like magic that the clock fixes itself in regards to getting the music right on the quarter hour intervals. I did not have to take the clock apart and reposition the hands on their shafts manually. The clock at first was chiming at about 10 minutes past the hour, 23 minutes past the hour and 50 minutes past the hour but now it's right on the money the way it should be and the clock is also striking the correct number of hours on the hour. The solid-state chime unit is a speaker unit on the back of the housing connected to the works via some electrical wires. The cheap Walmart "Sterling & Noble" mint wall clock this Seiko replaced was losing 6 minutes a week and said QUARTZ on the back. I got not quite 2 years of decent accuracy out of that non-chiming $10 Walmart clock. This Seiko clock does not have QUARTZ printed anywhere on it so I don't know the exact nature of the battery movement. I hope it does much better in the accuracy department.

Seiko Chiming Wall Clock - YouTube

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Nov 7, 2021
PS: I do wish my clock sounded deep and rich like Big Ben. It's an electronic chime, they certainly could have the recorded MP3 on board the clock.


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