My new favorite tweezers, The Dumont titanium

Chris Radek

NAWCC Member
Apr 13, 2014
Lincoln, NE, USA
Hi all, I wanted to give a quick review of the Dumont 3Ti tweezers I recently started using.

They were a little too sharp for my liking as received, and I stoned the tips down a bit. I like the tips to be a semicircle instead of a square profile, so they still present a flat/tangential edge at whatever approach angle I'm using. I have no trouble picking up anything from huge pocket watch screws to incabloc cap jewels edgewise with these.

But the thing that amazes me is that even though they are half or a third the weight of the brass tweezers I used previously, they have kept their shape perfectly for a month now. The feel is perfect, I love the lightness and the touch, and I use them for almost everything. I have the brass set still handy for avoiding scratches, and a stout MM for anything that requires a bit of strength (and a few others for special purposes). But these new titanium get more use than all the others combined.

I work with all sorts of movements that have magnets, especially Accutrons, and these are totally nonmagnetic. Some other alloys don't get magnetized, but will still strongly attract steel parts when they are near a magnet. These, like brass, do not, which is critical for me.

So, in summary: They are just great.

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