My Early Synchronome under restoration

Discussion in 'Electric Horology' started by PowerClocks, May 23, 2020 at 6:54 AM.

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    Hi to the enthusiasts of the Synchronome Marque, Well since I last posted I have been busy restoring my early Synchronome Clock. I had a plethora of minor issues to address and whilst not all are completed I got it working today been running 16 hours now, just to be sure it would run properly before I set about making the final component parts and moving to final assembly.
    I wound the coils pictured and was expecting it to be more difficult that it was, it took longer to make the Silky Oak bobbins and Iron cores than to wind the coils, I did slip once and the coil unraveled a bit and I had to unwind it to that point and start again, I now put a dab of superglue at the end of each coil run so it doesn't happen again when doing a hand wind. I used 0.5mm enamel wire from JayCar.
    The original cloth type wiring for the case came from a Guitar Store called pick up wire, looks period so it will stay. the slave unit got a strip and clean, all the steel screws were blued in the blue pan, I thoroughly enjoy blueing screws, even when it takes a couple of goes to get it right.
    This particular clock must have been a very early Australian Example, extra hoes in the plate stand testament to the fact the positioning of components had not been finalized and fine tuning was still in progress. It was not a production run from the look of it and must have been a one off. It uses a 2.5kg pendulum bob/weight and is quite light in relation to the later behemoth pendulums used by Synchronome.
    The case is Silky Oak Grevillea Robusta. The carved Nouveau Pediment is original to the clock.
    I am still looking for a bit of Litz Wire, 0.46mm to 0.5mm core, anyone who can help with this please write, I can get away with perhaps as little as 20ft just using a little as the lead in and the rest to wind the top two coils to cover the enamel wire. even an old coil I can unravel myself, I am happy to pay a fair price and postage to OZtralia. I will post a final picture when I have completed it, new (better) coils will be made in time and the wiring tidied up. Not as easy as it looks doing these things.
    Graeme Power

    IMG_3760.JPG IMG_3962.JPG

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