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Aug 1, 2006
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I have a lot of work still be done in finishing the 2017 NAWCC Calendars like collating and binding and packing them for mailing to my Chapter 190 friends in California. But that stuff can wait…I have other things on my uneducated mind.

At lunch time I was reading the Monday column by a syndicated columnist, (perhaps the best of many so-called columnists), he is also a preferred guest on the daily talk shows on a certain channel, I do not think mentioning the channel designation is desirable on this Members News and Views Forum.

He's also a psychiatrist, who had a terrible accident while jumping off a diving board, the result was paralyzing parts of his body that confines him to a wheel chair, I do understand he can drive a special outfitted van from his wheel chair. (I know another person who is no longer an NAWCC member in the same predicament.) Drives his van from the wheel chair.

Getting back to my first thought the 'columnist'; here's a man with a brilliant mind that overcomes his terrible handicap by making him the most sought after guest speaker on these TV shows that features guests with their observations about the daily happenings of the parties in political power and the men and women of that persuasion. His take on the happenings are expressed in a language that ascends to the highest degree of intelligence. Here's a man so handicapped, that it would make most of us feel like the world has closed in on us, and that we no longer entitled to living a life that is full of adventure to come.

This handicapped person, this psychiatrist, this columnist, puts most living beings to shame with his outlook on a life that has been cut short of physical activities, yet, he's married, has children, and is famous for his daily columns, guest appearances, and most of all for his dogged faith that life is precious and fruitful no matter the deficiencies that befall it.

Who the hell am I to complain that fluency in my oral stuttering has affected my station in life?
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