Clock Help Motion parts wanted for F Hepting of Furtwangen movement

Discussion in 'Parts Wanted' started by Peter W, Dec 21, 2019.

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  1. Peter W

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    Nov 23, 2017
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    I have recently discovered that an old wood plate movement, ca. 1860?, I’ve had for years was made by F Hepting. At one time in its life it was badly eaten by termites. The back board is original but with much plastic wood filling and moulding. Going train runs fine with its soothing one second pendulum and has a complete working strike mechanism. Unfortunately it’s missing tension washer, the gear on the extended main wheel arbor, the hour and minute wheels, knurled nuts, hands.

    Does any one have these parts (chance would be a fine thing :)) or is there anyone who has a similar clock and can measure the parts I lack so I can get them made?

    What sort of dial may it have had?
    900E4921-1C06-4E20-8F62-72D680FFF7F5.jpeg C2C8153E-9C79-4D86-A1DE-88EB3D0E5FA7.jpeg E7207C2E-DFFF-492A-8795-653B05051DE5.jpeg

    The extended arbor is broken at the pin hole but still sufficient hole left to insert pin to give tension.

    The count wheel external diameter is 65 mm if that is any gauge to size of missing gears etc.

    The external distance between the post that holds the hour pipe and extended arbor is 29.3 mm.

    Would appreciate any help, suggestions, advice. Thanks. A9B90ECA-3AFB-41F3-A890-E4B5AB635D7D.jpeg

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