Most of photos is missing :(

Discussion in 'Message Board Help & Notices' started by tarant, Sep 25, 2017.

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  1. John Matthews

    John Matthews Registered User

    Sep 22, 2015
    Retired Systems Architect
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    John - you wrote you comment as I wrote mine. I think the phrase I quote, is the problem. The view that what many outside the NAWCC see as your most public platform should not be regarded as one person's project.

  2. gmorse

    gmorse Registered User
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    Jan 7, 2011
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    Breamore, Hampshire, UK
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    Hi John,

    As do I, most wholeheartedly. As John says, many of us who first came upon the NAWCC did so through this message board, and when we're remote from the US it's the primary interface to the organisation. The perception is clearly coloured by our personal experiences and areas of interest. The issue of a declining and largely aging membership is something with which I have a personal concern as chairman of my local BHI branch; this is very close to home for me.


  3. rmarkowitz1_cee4a1

    rmarkowitz1_cee4a1 Registered User
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    Nov 26, 2009
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    I too am appreciative. I too was astonished when I read that Mr. McIntyre paid for this out of his own pocket.

    It makes the epic failure, i.e., the loss (whoops, that 4 letter word again) of pix (I'm not sure how they come up with 10%; I suspect more), almost sad and tragic. If I read Mr. McIntyre's earlier post correctly, this reflects at least in part, unresolved technical issues that were effecting the MB for at least a year prior to the transfer. I think we all remember the difficulties with posting pix, giant pix, etc that were occurring for at least a year and were brought to the attention of the staff again without any clear plan to resolve beyond a suggested work around. Sadly, it seems that the chickens have come home to roost?

    I will say that pix are very important to the MB. I've expressed my thoughts on this previously.

    Well, maybe now it's time for the NAWCC to offer assistance, including financial, to help solve this problem? Again, if I am understanding earlier posts correctly, that some new and novel software is required. And by his own admission, Mr. McIntyre has not done that in 20 years? Sometimes it's difficult to admit that one needs to ask for and receive some help and maybe this is where the NAWCC can step in??

    Why should the NAWCC consider doing this? Well:

    No, I don't think they truly do. For better or for worse, a strong, user friendly, functional, truly informative and VISUAL internet presence is essential to the health of many organizations. Now, as never before, it can be a means of introducing and accessing from around the globe. It also needs to be a safe and accessible place to store and make available information for those seeking it...that includes the pix. Images is often how people Google and then get to the MB.

    And none of this is about being cynical, mean, unappreciative, impatient, etc, etc all of the things that are thrown up at any perceived criticism or complaint about the current situation.

  4. Tom McIntyre

    Tom McIntyre Technical Admin
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    Aug 24, 2000
    retired SW dev
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    Those of us who spend a great deal of time here can easily believe that this site is what the NAWCC is about. In many ways that is true since the site contributes very directly to the mission of our organization.

    However, the bulk of our nearly 13,000 members do not even log on to the message board. They are content to go to their local chapter meetings and, perhaps, the occasional regional meeting. A significant portion of the membership avoid the Internet and read their hard copy Watch & Clock Bulletin when it comes to their house.

    Because their interaction is at a very slow pace as compared to the day by day and even minute by minute interaction of the users here, it appears to us that they are uninterested. I do not believe that is true, it is just one of the interesting illusions of time perception. I believe they do care. They may even care as much about the Message Board as they do about the Ansonia Street Clock project. That project is now in its third year of fund raising and effort to get it going and erected at headquarters in Columbia. As an organization, decisions on asset allocation come down to how much the members care and how well the expenditures serve our mission.

    I have tracked member participation on this site for quite a few years. I believe we now have about 2,000 NAWCC members who consider the Message Board a critical asset in pursuing their interests in horology. That would represent about 20% of the membership more or less. We have about an equal population of regular participants here who are not members of the NAWCC because of the perception that it is a land based United States (or at least North American) organization. They believe that the cost at $100 a year pays for all that activity in chapters and at regionals. Those perceptions are incorrect because the NAWCC does not spend money supporting those activities any more than it spends money supporting this activity. The expenditures support the basic operations of the organization and we get about the same share as the other aspects of the organization.

    The National Watch & Clock Museum and the NAWCC Library and Research Center are our major expenditures and I believe that is appropriate. By their nature as existing in the physical world, they have overhead and maintenance costs that the distributed functions do not have. The staff that work in Columbia are at the call of all parts of the organization and provide good service to a very diverse set of needs.

    However, we do not have an IT staff other than Kevin Osborne with help from Markus and hourly consultants who are used within the limits of the budget. By trying to avoid unbudgeted expenditures the volunteers here try to contribute to the organization. Many other members make substantial monetary contributions to the organization and others contribute their time and talent. We all think the mission is important.

    I do not think of it as a fault that we have problems from time to time with the software. This is a very complicated operation both technically and socially. My personal attitude is that we are not operating a web site for a bank or major industrial entity. We are serving the needs and interests of those who love watches and clocks. If we have occasions when our services are below par, it should be thought of as the cost of running a very lean operation. No one will be damaged financially if they cannot find what they want here for a period of time.

    If the people participating here want to get the attention of the Board of Directors and the rest of the NAWCC, the greatest impact would be to kick our average donations up from around $300/month to $10,000 to $15,000/month. At that level, it would approach our Annual National Meeting in contribution to the operations of the NAWCC. I do not think we can fully claim credit for the 2,000 or so members who participate here at least monthly, but their dues at $200,000/year are also a significant contribution. When we turn the advertising back on, we will also realize about $2,000/month from the non-members of this site who come here via Google searches and support our advertisers.

    Lastly, if anyone who has read this far feels they have skills that they could contribute to this site's operation, please contact John Hubby or one of the other admins to let us know how you would like to help.
  5. matthiasi

    matthiasi Registered User

    Dec 3, 2010
    Clock Repair & Restoration
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    I believe that without being able to port over the pictures when doing an upgrade we loose a lot of very valuable information. The same happened on the previous upgrade/transfer. A lot of people take the time and effort to make good pictures to enhance the learning experience and when they disappear, that experience is lost.

    I have seen that almost all of the pics I had posted in various threads are no longer with us.
    Unfortunately, my IS skills are not up to the tasks that would help anyone here.
  6. Bill Stuntz

    Bill Stuntz Technical Admin
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    Apr 6, 2012
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    Columbus. OH
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    Many of the photos that WERE missing have been recovered. There were several different reasons for them to have gone missing. And several different mechanisms for getting them back. Tom has been able to get a lot of them back already. And he's working VERY hard to recover the others. I'm confident that Tom will recover all the remaining ones unless the photos were already missing in vB. There are WAY too many of them to manually recover them individually.

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