Modifing A Bushing Machine to Work On A Sherline Mill

Discussion in 'Clock Repair' started by Joseph Bautsch, Feb 21, 2019.

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  1. Joseph Bautsch

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    Dec 9, 2006
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    A lot has been said about installing bushings by hand and with several types of machines. Although bushing by hand works OK, and I did so for years, and free standing machines work great but are very expensive, I wanted something more economical than buying an additional machine just for bushings, was versatile, and still very accurate. This is what I came up with. Years ago I purchased a bushing machine that was used with a drill press. This drill press bushing machine is common and is available at most clock part suppliers. While that worked well I still looked to improve performance, convenience and accuracy. I already had a Sherline mill so I modified the drill press device to be used with the mill. Attached is six photos that show how I did the modification. The bottom of the plate holder is threaded and uses a .5" diameter bolt to mount it to the drill press. I cut off 1" of the bolt threaded part, faced off both ends and center drilled it to fit a 10/32 cap head bolt (a common use size for Sherline equipment). One end of the of the center drilled hole has to be drilled out to an additional diameter of .242 (C size drill) X .25" deep to fit the OD and length of the T nut. This threaded part is threaded in flush into the bottom of the holder. It can now be mounted on the cross slide of the mill and tightened down. For the reamers I use the Bergeron style reamer size for KWM bushings. I got a Bergeron drill press reamer adapter. I drilled out and thinned down a #1 Morse blank from Sherline to take the drill press reamer adapter and locked it in place using a cap screw. To get an exact fit, drill out the morse blank to a smaller size than the drill press adapter diameter. Then use a boring tool, open the hole for an exact fit to the reamer diameter. Using the boring tool to do this maintains the center accuracy of the reamer. This set up gives me a very solid platform for installing bushings, its easy to set up, use, and has the versatility and accuracy of the mill.

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    Very inventive! :thumb:

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