military designations on these wristwatch cases

Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by richiec, Jan 3, 2020.

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    A friend of mine was given these two wrist watches, one an Elgin with the designation ORD Dept, USA, OF-221606 and a Waltham with the same designation only with the numbers 484714, what if any significance would these have, WWII? post war?, both have luminescent hands, the Waltham dial says 17 jewels, didn't have a case opener at the time, both appear to be 3/0 size.
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    My first thought was "Ordnance U.S. Army".

    After googling, I found that Wikipedia, FWIW, indicates that the current U.S Army Ordnance Corps was formerly known as U.S. Army Ordnance Department. The change in designation occurred with the Army Reorganization Act of 1950.

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    American watch manufacturing firms such as Waltham and Elgin produced watches for U.S. forces, and some were even given “ORD” (ordnance) markings upon being turned in for service after the war and later saw action during World War II. A War Department Technical Manual from 1942 even depicts these “trench watches” among its inventory. Military Watches Of The World: U.S.A. Part 1 - Worn & Wound
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    I found this list years ago from an army manual.

    Department numbers each watch with letters which signify the grade of the watch and the service to which it is issued followed by the ordnance serial number marked plainly on the exterior back of the case This serial number is the only number referred to in identifying an ordnance timepiece Each watch is identified by the following ordnance code markings.

    For new manufacture:

    OA for 7 to 9 jewel pocket watches

    OB for 15 to 17 jewel pocket watches

    OC for 7 to 9 jewel wrist watches

    OD for 15 to 17 jewel wrist watches

    OE for 21 jewel railroad grade pocket watches

    OF for 15 to 17 jewel wrist watches waterproof case g

    OFA for 15 to 16 jewel wrist watch waterproof case Air Corps Navigation Type A 11 substitute standard

    OG for 7 to 9 jewel wrist watch waterproof case

    OS for stop watch

    For manufacture prior to 12 November 1940 Identification to be added at time of repair on watches not previously marked

    OW for 7 to 9 jewel pocket watches

    OX for 15 to 17 jewel pocket watches

    OY for 7 to 9 jewel wrist watches

    OZ for 15 to 17 jewel wrist watches
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