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    Present and after 54 years of membership in the NAWCC, many of you know me as [dweiss17]. In fact, the guy that introduced me to this world of horology; was a member with more than 50 years of service to this organization, just like 318 out of a possible 180,000 and former members. I, too, am a more than half a lifetime member.

    Even so, you know little about me except my boasting that I am a member for more than most people live during half their life, They tell me I joined October 1964, and I saw some sections of our “Interest to the Membership” that needed change and revision. While I could not make add, detract or eliminate parts of our Message Board that saw little or no use…we were successful in many other efforts to help improve parts of the Message Board that needed such improvement.

    We had no place where a member could communicate with another, except by PM or as it is called today Private Mail using our special setup for that purpose.

    We created the Members News and Views…just reply to any posting and it is done. You can add photos, other literature, in fact, anything that can be copied and used in a respectful way. It can be saved and used for a later time. Since it’s beginnings on October 26, 2010 we’ve had more than 300,000 hits and I never stopped to take count of the number of postings and the replies to those postings; but they are more than the word numerous. We had no place where we honored our 50-year members; now we have a beautiful setup thanks to my friend Maynard Dean of Louisiana, Imagine…318 members with more than 50 years of service to the world known here as horology. Our members have made important contributions to this world. From A to Z., you name it, it has been donated and posted here since our founding on November 7, 1943. Even when I first became an NAWCC member I was fortunate enough to meet and become friends with some of our founders. It makes me wonder, if any of our organizers were alive today…and there may be some…who would look at this horologic Goliath they created…merely by having fellows of like mind join the NAWCC.

    In those days we met on Friday nights at the Engineer’s Club in center city. Our wives or girl friends accompanied us to these meetings; and we wore suit, vest and tie. Most men wore a pocket watch with chain and many of the ladies had smaller watches pinned to the lapel of their suits or wore them around their neck with a chain folded in a special way to look attractive, Today, most of these little watches are nothing but an heirloom from our earlier years. However, they are very collectible and members will still make a specialty of collecting these timepieces. Many had their initials engraved on the back cover and wore them with the initials as the main feature of the timepiece. Yet, many were masterpieces in respect to the overall beauty of the watch. Not only they gave you time of the day, the complete function of the watch, some were able to chime the minutes, hours and many had other functions suitable to its use.

    It reminds me, in those years, so long ago; many wives or girl friends accompanied. their men to these meetings and other NAWCC events. We see little of this today, in fact, try to remember the last time you saw a member wear a vest, shirt and tie and had a chain in his vest holding a pocket watch. While we still we see women at these functions…it is nothing like it was in past years. Just stop to realize that practically any electronically contraption can and. will give you time of the day.
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    Well Dan, I may not wear a tie but I certainly wear a vest and usually numerous pocket watches in various pockets to marts and even to church on Sundays. Good to hear you post, Dan, how is Johnny 2? I know it must stink to be in a wheelchair these days but keep in touch with us, we miss you. Rich Cross
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