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Discussion in 'Forums Help & Notices' started by bangster, Jan 15, 2019.

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    These six BRIEF rule summaries apply to all posts you make on this Message Board.
    Click on Forum Rules to see the FULL text for each of these as well as other important user rules and requirements.

    1) Be respectful and courteous.
    2) Value discussions only in "What do you think it's worth?" Forums.
    a) Want ads only in restricted "Want to Buy" forum.
    3) No sell offers or discussions, no links to or discussion of active sales.
    4) No politics, religious beliefs or explicit sexual content.
    5) No spam, no redirect links, no personal or business promotion.
    6) No images you didn't create unless you have the owner's explicit permission.

    Violation of these rules may result in warning, moderation, suspension, or banning as appropriate.

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