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Discussion in 'Obsolete Threads' started by Tom McIntyre, Sep 12, 2017.

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    #1 Tom McIntyre, Sep 12, 2017
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    After more than ten years of using vBulletin as the software for the NAWCC Message Board, we find it necessary to move the site to a new software platform.

    The new site provides much better handling of images and references to information both on and off the site. It is also optimized for devices of all sizes. You should be able to use it successfully with a 7 inch cell phone or larger device with no loss of capability. We hope you will be as impressed with it as we have been during our test and development phase.

    On September 21st, 2017 the Message Board will be shut down for any data entry while the contents are transferred to the new site. You will still be able to view the contents of this site, but not post anything new. (sorry, not true)

    24 hours later, or possibly a bit sooner, this site will disappear from view and be replaced with the new site that will use the XenForo forum system.

    All contents of this site will be transferred to the new site, but some of the structures may change. In particular, the blog section "Our Voices" will not have the same structure and the content management system "Timely Topics" will undergo a similar transformation. These features have been relatively lightly used although "Our Voices" has some good content. In both of these cases, the Encyclopedia tools will be used to provide a publishing space but without the open wiki style of editing. i.e. the articles will belong exclusively to their authors.

    The forums and albums will be transferred with as little change as possible. The Gallery and Albums may require some additional time to complete the transfer. The Encyclopedia also may not be available immediately. Images attached to posts will be available as soon as the transfer is complete.

    If you would like a preview of the new site, you may visit it at If you were registered on this site before May 1st, 2017 you should be able to log on to the demo site. It was populated with the contents of the message board at that time. The demo site will be closed permanently on the 21st.

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