Men of Imagination

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Oct 3, 2016.

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    Imagination! Is the thing that started this monolith of horology…America’s leading horology association and a leader among such institutions across the world.

    Just think; if a group of men interested in clocks and watches did not have the imagination to want to start a horologic club…where men interested in this great hobby could get together, meet and over a dinner could talk and learn from one another about things horologic. In my thoughts, far too many members of this National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors take this organization [hobby] for granted.

    Never did these few people who met as a result of their common horologic interest - realize their getting together to talk about this hobby would lead into this world famous Horologic Museum That now has well over 12,000 implements relating to horology…including clocks, watches and other instruments that tell time, along with the largest horologic Library worldwide, containing books, ephemera and photographic material.

    It is common knowledge we have leaders and we have followers in every human field of endeavor. These leaders have had the imagination to see things in a different light than their fellow man. Let’s take the book “Fathers of Industries” written by Leonard Manning…it talks about men who were the leaders of the industries they started…it features 25 men who made the world so much better during their years of life; from James Watt, the Father of the Steam Engine, to Willis Haviland Carrier, the Father of the Air Conditioning Industry. I name only two, due to the lack of space on this Forum to list all who contributed to society to make the world a better place for every human life. These men had the will and imagination to succeed.

    Just as did the 52 men who started this monolith we call the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. Their names as our first officers and members dated November 7, 1943, now hangs on a Plaque on a wall in our Columbia, PA National
    Horologic Museum.

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