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The main navigation bar on this site has nine tabs. Eight of those are for features and services related to our campus in Columbia PA and our Chapter and Regional groups around the world. These include scheduling and registering for meetings as well as activities directly related to our facilities.

The other tab marked Forums is for navigating this site where we have online resources, activities and discussions. Some of the resources and activities are only available to dues paying NAWCC members but mostly the forum is available to anyone who wants to register and may be read by any visitor.

Forum/Message Board Log In

If you are not logged in on the forums, you may click on the key/lock icon in the top navigation and you will see the drop down shown here. The Forum or Message Board as it is traditionally called allows you to be permanently logged in from your at home or personal workstation. You do that by checking the box labeled "Stay logged in."

Logging in on the Forums does not log you in on the NAWCC site at this time. We hope to consolidate the two logons in the near future. The NAWCC site provides the ability to shop in our online store and interact with our professional staff in Columbia PA regarding public services, membership benefits, training courses and many other benefits. It also provides access to material in our collections that is reserved for use by those with paid membership.

Logging In or Finding Account on Main Site


When viewing any tab other than the Forum tab, you will see the login button at the top right of the screen, When you click on that button, you will see the login screen shown here. On the NAWCC site, your default username is your email address. If this is your first attempt to log in there, you may need to click on the "Forgot username" link. It may be necessary for you to create a new account on the NAWCC site to complete the login.

Typical main site content page


This page is typical of what a logged in user sees when visiting the NAWCC site. The view is the same as before logging in, in most cases, but there is the word Welcome in the upper navigation bar and the name associated with your account (not the username). The name is a link that opens your personal page on the NAWCC system. This page is only visible to you. It allows you to edit some of your information, review purchases and donations and modify your contact preferences and data.

Your Account Page


This is Jane McIntyre's personal profile page. The activities tab is active and shows that she is currently (June 2021) registered for the National Convention and the Ward Francillon Time Symposium this October. This page allows you to review nearly all the information the NAWCC has about you and either correct any errors or point out errors you may see to the staff.
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