Mechanical Watches Second Edition 2011

Discussion in 'Horological Books' started by Richard Watkins, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Richard Watkins

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    First, my apologies to those who have recently downloaded the first edition.

    I have made available the second edition of

    "Mechanical Watches An Annotated Bibliography of Publications since 1800"

    This much expanded bibliography now lists 2,823 books and pamphlets (and a few other items) relating to mechanical watches.

    Volume 1 (678 12x8 inch pages) is the bibliography and lists 2,823 items. In addition to normal bibliographic information, many entries have details of contents and some 800 entries include book reviews and remarks.

    Volume 2 (625 12x8 inch pages) contains 6 indexes. The indexes are Full title (3,565 entries), Title Key-word (7,833 entries), Author (4,234 entries), Date of publication (2,823 entries), Subject index top level categories (481 categories) and Subject (36,263 entries). The subject index is a comprehensive index to the books based on their contents.

    The price guide, which was in the first edition, has been omitted.

    Because of the size (1,303 pages!) I have set up the pdf files for duplex (double sided) printing; but it still needs 652 sheets of paper to print it.

    Those who are daunted by this will be happy that the pdf files can be searched, albeit a bit clumsily.
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    Thank you Richard for creating and updating this invaluable treasure trove of horoloogical/bibliographical research material.

    I have two hardbound copies (one bound in full leather) for use in my two residences, and no-doubt will ask my bookboinder to create a hardbound copy of the second edition as well.

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