May. Three-wheel skeleton clock. Breguet and Son Paris.

Discussion in 'Musée international d'horlogerie Centre d'étude' started by CET MIH, May 7, 2009.

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  1. CET MIH

    CET MIH Museums

    Mar 26, 2009
    La Chaux-de-Fonds
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    Breguet and Son

    Three-wheel skeleton clock

    Marble base and Thomire accessories
    Height: 60 cm. Width: 31 cm. Length: 19 cm
    Signed Breguet & Fils N° 3583

    Finished in 1828

    The inner silvered brass dial indicates the Gregorian and Republican calendars for one year. The calendars can be adjusted for leap years with a jumper. A plumb line with a small steel bob is used to ensure the clock is upright, and at the same time indicates the day.

    The brass frame, engraved with the days of the week, rests on a black marble base embellished with the letter B in gilded, blanked brass.

    The gear-train has only three wheels. The largest has a drum with the two weight chains wound around it; as they descend, their level indicates the days of the week. Two pointers show the true time and mean time on a 24-hour dial.

    The pivot on the intermediate wheel carries a three-arm hand indicating the minutes.

    A pointer fixed on the plate shows the seconds on the dial of the escape wheel, of the pin-wheel escapement.

    The clock is compensated by a bimetallic attachment placed above the knife-edge suspension. The clock is regulated by a weight screwed onto a threaded stem, and a sector-shaped dial indicates the changes in temperature.

    The three-wheel clock was invented in 1787, sold for the first time in 1793, and reproduced six times between that date and 1828. It was admired by all who saw it and its extreme simplicity made it a neoclassical work par excellence. This particular model is the most recent of the four known clocks still in existence.

    1983 (purchased).
    Breguet family collection

    1923, Centenary of the Death of Abraham-Louis Breguet, Palais Galliéra, Paris, cat. n° 5, pl. XIII
    1997 La Chaux-de-Fonds, cat. p. 13, illus.

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