Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking

Dr. Jon

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Dec 14, 2001
New Hampshire
Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking by Micheal Clerizo is a large and sumptuous book. Its publisher is Thames and Hudson, ISBN 978-0-500-51485-6

It has long well illustrated articles on

George Daniels
Sven Anderson
Vincent Calabrese
Phillipe Dufour
Antoine Preziuso
Frank Muller
Aniceto Jiminez
Alain Silberstein
Marco Lang
Vianny Halter
Roger Smith

with shorter pieces on

Felix Baumgartner
Aaron Becsei
Nicolas Delaloye
Paul Gerber
Gruebel Forsey
Richard Habring
Bent Haldimann
John and Stephan McGonigle
Reiner Neinaber
Thomas Prescher
Daniel Roth
Sepan Sarpeneva
Peter Speake Marin
Andreas Strehler
Christiaan Van Der Klaauw
Kuri Voutilainen
Volker Vyskocil

I had not heard of a lot of these but I very much enjoyed what I read. Some of these watchmakers were very candid and I formed a very negative opinion of a few of them. Their overwhelming conceit came through.

I found I like most of them, at least as portrayed.

More important the book is lavishly illustrated and, unlike a lot of what I call junk books, this has a lot of very detailed movement photographs which are very well done.

While it is mostly wrist watches, several makers did pocket watches for school projects and these are well illustrated.

I am not enough into contemporary watchmaking to know how significant these players are. I'd like to have seen a section on F. P. Journe and on RG Murphy but Its still a very fine book.

For what it is the book is very well priced. At full price its a decent buy but at the discounts you can get from the better sellers its a must buy. I bought mine from a national book chain. The local store did not honor their internet mail order price so I bought it via mail order.

Fortunat Mueller-Maerki

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Sep 23, 2001
I agree with Dr. Jon's comments.

This is probably one of the most thoughtfull books dealing with contemporary craftsman watchmakers.

One can of course quibble with the inclusion (and exclusion) of some names, but overall I think thsis a representative and fair collection of portraits. Yes some of these guys are arrogant, but some are nice guys, and each in their own way has some unique talents.

What is amazing to me me is how many are out there that can making a livig at what they do.

I was going to do a review for the Bulletin but Diana had allready lined up someone else


Ralph B

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Nov 25, 2006
Napier, New Zealand
Have just received my copy so haven't had time to thoroughly read and form opinions on the makers.
However, just the section on Daniels, complete with superb photographs,
justified the cost.

Ralph B.

Fortunat Mueller-Maerki

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NAWCC Fellow
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Sep 23, 2001
Some of these guys come across more as Public relations and marketing wizzes with a very sellable 'spiel' than as first rate watchmakers, but I found all the portraits interesting to read.

From the hlf dozen who I have met personally or whose workshop I have vistited I think the portrits are quite accurate.

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