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March's Object - Jacques Benoit Pocket Watch

Noel Poirier

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Jul 30, 2007
Pocket Watch, c. 1760, Jacques Benoit. Key wind and key set watch with brass movement. Verge escapement and 1/4 repeater. Engraved on reverse, ”JQS. Benoit, A Naples.” White enamel dial reads, ”JQS. Benoit, A Naples” and shows hours in Roman numerals and minutes in Arabic numbers. Inner case of gold pair case has open-faced front with glass crystal. Back of case is pierced and engraved with scroll and man’s face. Open-faced front cover of outer case is encircled with pearls. Enamel scenes on back show St. George slaying a dragon, and framed by applique garland with blue and green enamel and pearls.

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