March 2010. Astronomical table clock, Elias Kreittmayr

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    Elias Kreittmayr

    Astronomical table clock

    Gilded brass, silver, iron.
    Length: 230 mm. Width: 230 mm. Height: 150 mm.
    Movement signed: [FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman]Elias Kreitt Mayr inn Fridtberg [/FONT]

    End of 17th century

    The square case, which rests on four moulded feet, is engraved with geometrical motifs decorated with flowers and palm leaves.

    Five silver dials applied on an engraved brass plate indicate, at bottom left, the hours, engraved in Roman numerals; at bottom right, the months with their astrological sign and number of days; at the centre, the quarter hours; above left, the date; and above right, the phases and age of the moon. The hands are blued steel.

    The movement has a fusee and chain and a verge escapement without balance spring. The balance is held in place by a circular single-footed balance cock, engraved and pierced with strawberry flowers. It is also fitted with an hour and four-quarter strike, whose engraved and pierced gilded brass hammers strike three bells on the under side of the clock. The hour strike dial, numbered from 1 to 12, the four-quarter strike dial, numbered from 1 to 4, and a dial indicating the wind of the mainspring, engraved from 1 to 10, can all be seen on the engraved back plate.

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