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Marble Mantle Clock Identity?

Thomas Seth

Registered User
Sep 16, 2016
This clock has been in my extended family for a very long time. Here's what I know of it:

1) I first saw it in my grandfather's storage room off his garage in the 1960s, though it had been there since the late 1940s. It wasn't working and no one knew when it had last worked. The glass was missing.
2) It was thought to have been brought over from Alsace-Lorraine when his parents or grandparents emigrated to the US in the mid to late 1800's or so.
3) It was repaired in the mid-1970s and has worked since, with only one subsequent and minor repair, until just recently (I'll post its problems in a separate thread).

There is a stamped "4456" on the back of the movement and stamped on the clamp holding the steel chime coil are the letters "LP" and there is a separate number "8" at about the 5:30 position on the back of the movement.

There is no name on the face, which I believe to be original. I can provide better pictures if needed.

Many thanks.


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