Luxury or lie wins big in las vegas!

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COLUMBIA, PA: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—except when you're talking about the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors' (NAWCC) groundbreaking course, Luxury or Lie. Hundreds of Vegas visitors have taken their new wealth of knowledge back to their homes in all parts of the world. Luxury or Lie is literally traveling the globe!

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) booked Adam Harris after it heard wonderful feedback from the course he taught last fall. During the NPA's Expo in Las Vegas in July, Harris presented two sessions and spoke with hundreds of people as he highlighted the material presented in the Luxury or Lie course. Three fine watches, held securely in a laminate box, lured curious pawnbrokers and other exhibitors to the NAWCC's booth to cast their votes for which watch was genuine and possibly win a place in a future Luxury or Lie class. The watches were all fake! Yes, it was a trick question, so all who entered the drawing had a chance to win. The winner was Seth Gold with American Jewelry & Loan from Detroit, Michigan.

The Pawn Stars invited Harris to share his knowledge with the staff of the world-famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Harris spent several days giving the "Stars" an overview of various watch types, appropriate terminology, examination techniques, and ways to discern the genuine from the fake. Co-owner Rick Harrison enthusiastically shared, "With the continual improvements in technology, the detection of fake watches requires a greater awareness and scrutiny of all the watches that come across our pawn counter. Being the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawnshop from the show "Pawn Stars" we see a lot of watches. Adam Harris presented "Luxury or Lie" a three-day hands-on training class for our Pawn Brokers and Sales staff. His knowledge was vast and his understanding as to the inner workings of the different watch brands was significant. Adam provided training sessions that will clearly help our employees identify fraudulent watches. Adam is a true professional and we would encourage his course to anyone who is in the business of buying/selling watches."

Designer, curator, and instructor Adam Harris has continued to boomerang his way around the world, jetting from Spain to Pennsylvania to New York to Las Vegas to Singapore and around again! Next, it's back to Pennsylvania for courses in the fall, followed by a trip to the West Coast in Santa Paula in November. The course continues to grow as Adam and Education Director Katie Knaub schedule more joint ventures in other locations.

Instructor Adam Harris was born in Scotland, lived in England, and retired to Spain. He was a guest wristwatch curator at the National Watch and Clock Museum from 2012 to 2016. Harris was vice president of Fujitsu Europe before he retired to pursue horological study under Mme Cinette Robert, former owner of Dubey and Schaldenbrand, and Marcus Hardy of Vintage Jewelry. He has also been a guest appraiser in a pawn shop, Gold Rush. Adam's large collection of more than 200 vintage watches has aided in his knowledge of appraising timepieces.

"I am confident all attendees will leave the course with enough new knowledge to prevent future purchases of fake or reworked watches," explains Harris. "The course includes a follow-up webinar during which participants may ask further questions and share their experiences and also one year of online support."

Since the course debuted last fall, attendance has been high among horological collectors and multiple professionals from the jewelry and appraisal industry, and the course has been universally praised by many, including the following attendees:

"I learned more from you in three days than I have scouring the Internet over the past ten years." (Steve Foundoukis, Fiskardo Fine Watches

"I've heard amazing and great things in regards to the overall course and last day. Thank you so much for your time and education." (Lauren Kaminsky Goldman, president EZ Pawn Corp.)

"Luxury or Lie is the first of its kind of workshop in Singapore. Excellent rendition of Swiss timepieces knowledge from terminologies, movements, part of watches and manufacturers. Now I can spot a fake watch instantly! (Kevin Ng, director of Global Capital Consultancy Pte Ltd)

"This course cost me about $2,500 USD to attend, and the value of this course will be remembered long after the cost is forgotten. The first time I correctly identify a fake either for myself or for a client it will pay for itself many times over." (Geof Parker)

The calendar of learning opportunities has continued to grow:

Luxury or Lie webinar - September 15
An introduction to the full three-day course: Luxury or Lie?

Time is Money (Columbia) - October 22-24
Identifying and Evaluating Wrist and Pocket Watches

Luxury or Lie (Columbia) - October 25-27

Luxury or Lie (California) - November 12-14

Batteries, Bands, and Bracelets - Online
An overview on the removal and installation of watch batteries, watch bands, and bracelets

For more information on the upcoming programs contact Director of Education Katie Knaub at 717.684.8261, ext. 237,
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