Louis Elisee Piguet Six Generations of horologeurs of the Vallee de Joux

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Dec 14, 2001
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This book by Fritz Von Osterhausen is probably his least known and least available.

The book, in French has no publisher or ISBN.

Its sections are:

Short History of Horology in the Vallee De Joux

The original horological families of the Vallee De Joux
The Piguet family before Louis Elisee Piguet

The Work of Louis Elisee Piguet

The Descendents


A. Movement of Piguet (Wrist watch movements from 1971)
B. Customers circa 1900
C. Table of Pocket movements supplied to Patek Philippe
D. Table of Complicated Movements 1883 1914
E. List of movements under 15 lignes 1892 to 1925
F. List Makers in the Valle de oux 1895

G. Glossary

H Piguet family Portrait circa 1900 (Surprisingly interesting since the wives' maiden names are included and there were a lot of famous ones)

J. Piguet Family Tree.

The book is for those interested in late 19th and early 20 century high end Swiss watchmaking as well as current high end wrist watches.

I was interested in the book because of many fine watches I had thought were by Louis Audemars but were not. The simple take away is that if a watch looks like a high end Louis Audemars butis after 1885 it is very possibly by this Piguet. (This is not the whole story, since there is another family, Aubert, also from this area who also made very similar watches)

Louis Elisee Piguet worked for Louis Audemars but also had his own business before the Louis Audemars bankruptcy so pre 1885 even if made by Piguet it would been signed by Audemars of a been a private label attributable to the firm.

There are lots of pictures and diagrams so you do not need to read French to use the book but it does help.

This book is good for enthusiasts of fine wrist watches from 1920 to today as well of some oddball pocket watch people like myself.

It is a must for horological dealers who handle high end Swiss pocket and wristwatches.

There are two ways I know to buy this book.

1) If you live in Europe or the UK it may be better to buy directly from the printer Imprimerie Baudat, www.baudat-favj.ch.

From the US this is a very bad way to do it. They do not take credit cards, only wire transfers which for most of us this adds $40 to the price of the book, which is 80 Swiss Francs from them. This is how I did it; and, even then, paying them was very difficult.

2) Simonin Books. This link should get to the page with the book.


From my experience it's well worth the extra 10 Francs to deal with someone who knows how to business internationally, and a lot cheaper all things included if you live in America (US, Canada, Mexico) .

Their price is 90 Swiss francs.
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