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Help Looking for vintage Seiko stems and crowns

Peter Canna

NAWCC Member
Jun 12, 2019
This is really a general question on how to find parts for vintage watches. In this case, I am specifically looking for stems and crowns for a few old Seiko 5's. It appears, in working condition, these may be acrually worth a few dollars. I have 2 Sportsmatics, ref 7619-9010 and 7619-7010. (These both have pushers to change the date - also needed.)

I also have a Seiko DX 6106-9000 that needs a stem and crown.

I'm relatively new to this so any help is appreciated.


Grant Perry

Registered User
Jun 5, 2002
Ottawa-Canada's Capital
Hi Peter,
I recently restored a 1967 Seiko Bellmatic and encountered problems locating an original replacement crown and stem.
I did find a nos crown on e-bay from a vendor in Asia. If your watches are a newer vintage you may have more luck than I did. Someone on this board provided me with the required part numbers which helped me search the parts out.
Good luck!

Peter Canna

NAWCC Member
Jun 12, 2019
Thanks Grant, hopefully someone will have the parts number. I'm sure that would help. I'll have to do a litle more digging to see what I can find.

Thanks again!


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