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Looking for more info about GB clock


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Nov 24, 2014
San Antonio, TX
According to John Hubby's serial number dating, it would appear this clock was likely built in December 1921.


John Hubby

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Sep 7, 2000
The Woodlands, TX
I just purchased Gustav Becker Westminster clock. Nice clock, beautiful sound :) Any details about the clock are very welcome.

Best regards, Gintaras
Gintaras, thanks for posting your inquiry and the photos of your "new" Gustav Becker clock. Kurt provided the correct late 1921 dating based on the serial number of the movement. I checked my GB catalogs and found the exact model in the 1924 GB Sale Catalog No. 4. Here is a scan of the catalog illustration, thanks to our member Victor Tang for publishing these invaluable catalog references (www.any400day.com):
No 3270 Box Reg.jpg Note there are two model numbers shown, the No. 3269 is exactly the same case but has only plain glass in the door instead of the bevel glass panels that are found with your clock.

The movement in your clock was used by GB in table clocks, bracket clocks, and wall clocks with the only change being to adjust the escape wheel gearing for different pendulum lengths.

It will be appreciated if you could post a photo of the gong in your clock. Also, please post a photo of the pendulum hanger or complete pendulum so we can verify the type of connection used to hang the pendulum. That will complete the info needed for complete documentation.