Looking for a clock, a clock label photo, or any additional information on a clock by Lot Goodspeed, Middleton, Conn.

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Jun 14, 2008
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One of our woodworks collecting associates is looking for a clock, or photos of a clock and label, as made by Lot Goodspeed Middleton Conn. circa 1830-1835+/- He made very few clocks and we have only a tidbit of information on him. We get the little we know from Mary Jane Dapkus in a brief notation in a paper she published in the COG Counters Journal a few years ago.

"On October 2, 1815, "in consideration of four hundred and fifty dollars", a cabinetmaker
named Lot Goodspeed transferred a parcel of land located in Burlington, Hartford,
County, Connecticut to Wait Lowry and Sylvester Norton "of said town and County."
The parcel lay in the "...3rd Division of lots in said town..." By 1819, Goodspeed, a
Massachusetts native had removed to Middletown, Connecticut. Shelf clocks with Lot
Goodspeed labels and Middletown as the place of origin are known."

from Tom Spittler in his book of American Clock and Watchmaker he says, "Lot Goodspeed, Middleton Conn.Ca. 1831-1832. Possibly made cases and used Samuel Terry Movements. S. Terry's clockmaking accounts state that Lot Goodspeed had the right to purchase, "all the clock parts he wanted." Possibly Goodspeed was assembling movements from these Terry parts for use in his clocks. Half pillar and splat 30-hour woodwork extant with his label. Lived on "fashionable" High Street."
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Diane Burghardt

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Feb 8, 2014
Thank you, Jim for posting that I am indeed looking for a Lot Goodspeed clock. Middletown (Ct.) was so close to where I was born/raised played as a child and drove through a few times a day.
Thank you, EW for your great detective work. I have looked at your references, greatly appreciated. I do believe the worthpoint listing is the one I found after the auction was over, which I believe was April 2020 when my husband was hospitalized. I only wish that I could locate the purchaser and beg and plead him/her to sell me that case. I would probably pay crazy money for that piece of paper!! Thanks again, only hoping another will appear out of the woodwork someday soon. Diane

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