Longines/Lindberg Hour Angle Watch

Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by Mike Kearney, Mar 10, 2001.

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  1. Mike Kearney

    Mike Kearney Guest

    Bob, sorry no one's had information to provide you on your Hour Angle Watch. I don't know if you're a NAWCC member, but I wanted to mention two things. One, the NAWCC Bulletin, this really quality magazine that members get, in February contained an article on Longines watches, and of course it mentioned the hour-angle watch and had a picture of a 1930's model. But no usage instructions.

    And two, members can ask the NAWCC librarian to research items, and your request is a good example of the kind of request that they can handle. In the '30s the original Lindbergh-Longines Hour Angle watch was no doubt a hot topic with horologists, and there's likely some articles on it in trade journals of that era. The NAWCC library has trade journals and other information going back over 100 years.

    In any case, hope you're able to track down some more information.

  2. Mike Kearney

    Mike Kearney Guest

    Bob, I've found a reference with some operating instructions for your Lindbergh-Longines. It's called 'Complicated Watches', by Seibel and Hagans, published in 1945. It shows up on ebay from time to time. If you email me, we can discuss how I can get you the info.

  3. doug sinclair

    doug sinclair Registered User

    Aug 27, 2000
    Calgary, Alberta
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    In their book Vintage American & European Wrist Watch Price Guide, book 5, Ehrhardt(s) & Demesy give a description of how to use the Lindberg Hour Angle watch. It is on pages 221 and 222. The watch can be used with navigation by the sun or by the stars. I have just read it over, and I must admit it is Greek to me! If you don't have this book, it should be available on line from numerous Horological book dealers.

    If you check with a Longines dealer, there is a very thorough explanation on how this watch is to be used in the current product outlines from Longines. I've read it, and I still don't understand it! But, if a person knew the principles of navigation, I am sure the Longines description would be meaningful. With any kind of luck, the right Longines dealer might run you off a copy.

    Doug S.


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