Help "Likes" & "Trophy Points" Significance and Etiquette

Discussion in 'Forums Help & Notices' started by Ethan Lipsig, Nov 26, 2018.

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  1. Ethan Lipsig

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    I don't recall ever seeing any discussion of "likes" and :"trophy points," nor could I find any when I searched for them. These may be such common features of social media sites that most people frequenting this message board need no explanation, but I have assiduously avoided social media. Therefore, I would be grateful to know:

    1. Should message board readers be awarding "likes" to good postings?
    2. How are "likes" and "trophy points" used? For example, is there a table ranking posters by the number of "likes" received?
    3. How are "trophy points" awarded and by who (I see one can "like" a posting by clicking "like" on the ribbon below the posting).
    4. How do "trophy points" differ from "likes"?
  2. Tom McIntyre

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    Trophy points are based on your activity such as posts, threads started, files uploaded and likes. We do not display trophies but many sites using the software do. When they are used, they appear in the box with your name by your posts. The points associated with your trophies show next to the star in you information box. If you click the number it shows all your trophies by name.

    Likes serve two purposes. One is to show that a post was liked by some number of people. The other purpose is much the same, but it provides a means agreeing with a post without an entire post to say so, thus it avoids some clutter and extra low utility space taken up on the board. Some boards like the XenForo site, use the like's to guide planning like a poll. If an idea is being discussed, liking the initial post in the thread expresses support for the idea. i.e. a feature that might be implemented in the software for example.

    We can also use all of the stats for promotion so that a well liked thread might be promoted to a "featured thread" and show up in a highlights section for newcomers to learn what sorts of things are going on here.

    Some Message Boards also support the dislike and disagree concepts with the same kind of links, but we have omitted those.
    I almost forgot, the Members navigation tab has Notable Members link that allows you to explore the activity of the members who have generated a lot of points by more detailed listing of activity.
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