Legality of free, out of copyright, online books?

Discussion in 'Horological Books' started by, May 24, 2019.

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    I have found hundreds maybe a thousand horological books online over the last 20 years on Google books and different archives of scanned books most are far out of copyright (at least that's what they say) even Christian Huygens "Horologium" 1673 and others of similar age. I know some people have sold some of them as collections on auction sites, but there seems to be some questions of legality.
    I don't really agree with selling them but would a list of links to available books be ok? Or is there lists already?
    Not necessarily on this site I'm not sure if that violates rules for this forum?
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    Google books, Gallica (for French material) and other reputable sources make certain that the items are out of copyright when making them generally available, so there is no legal issue with downloading from these sources, or linking to them.

    While links change over time, i think it would be a great idea to list books that can be accessed for free
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    Great free books especially for those interested in horological history as many are 100+ years old.


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