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KWM Bushing Tool

Carl Spencer

NAWCC Member
Apr 7, 2015
Rewrote my book on my bushing tool and all I had to do was turn two spacers to go on the 5/16" dia. rods on each of the clamps. Each had to be .378 thick on mine to raise the bottom of the clamps up level to the insert adapter for reaming. They are 3/4" dia. to give good footing for the clamps. These are similar to the Bergeon clamps that have a fixed height to eliminate any error buy keeping the plate level and eliminating any slanting bushings. Will turn me several different dia. inserts for what ever the need so there will be no need to stack them. Everything will work off a level playing field. Also turned the bottom of anvil off several thou. to make the cross bar good and snug. No slop there.

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