Junk store lathe ID?


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Dec 27, 2020
Hi, I recently found a small watchmakers lathe in a used tool store with an interesting cross slide and about 30 collets, It was a little sticky feeling but I figured for what they were asking it was worth it for the collets alone. The lathe and cross slide have freed up nicely, but I can't place the collets. They are some imperceptible fraction larger than WW but my calipers read 8mm, and the thread diameter is very short and narrow, much smaller than the WW collets that I have. They are hardened, so they tinkle quite musically. They don't fit in either of the other 8mm lathes I have access to, but WW collets fit in this lathe (I guess I would need another drawbar, but they seem to sit well)...

The lathe has no branding other than "X-887" on the side of the headstock, and the bed is narrower than a WW but similar style. I don't know if the cross slide came with it... it is also unbranded, and has an oddly offset screw on the upper, presumably to keep it out of the way of a tailstock.

First photo is a representative collet, on the left, with one of the "normal" WW ones I have on the right.
Second is the cross slide in pieces
Third is the headstock of the lathe

Pardon the grubby mess.

If anyone can help me ID any of the above that would be great. I was thinking the collets might be Levin, as I know they harden theirs, but the dimensions don't seem quite right.

Thanks in advance.

IMG_20210510_184616293.jpg IMG_20210510_184554057.jpg IMG_20210510_184549198.jpg

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