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JUF - Need information


New User
Oct 4, 2022
Hi fellow clock lovers, I think I've done too much researching and have gotten myself in a right old muddle. I would really appreciate your help to identify this clocks manufacturer. The more I'm reading, the more I'm struggling to confirm if this clock is a Gustav Becker, Kienzle / Badische Uhrenfabrik, Jahresuhrenfabrik / Schatz , Andreas Huber, BHA, JUL/JUF? or what:???: - Please forgive me if I misunderstand the names I'm quoting - I have no idea what I am talking about and still finding context to it all.

What makes it a little harder for me, is I see on page 15 of this thread that this type of disc was more common with a skeleton, BHA or Jahresuhrenfabrik clock - it does look like a Jahresuhrenfabrik type of disk, but the arabic numerals on the dial don't appear as sharp or pointed as what I've seen on the Jahresuhrenfabrik dials, so again, no markings (I can positively identify) and I'm still none the wiser.

The disk has the same serial as the clock and it looks to be written in indian ink. Serial 65287. So I'm still leaning towards a Gustav Becker therefore I'm picking that the "F" in the bottom left corner of the back plate refers to the Freiburg factory, but I am soooo confused and overwhelmed.

It was out of beat when I got it and without knowing much about clocks let alone torsion clocks, I managed to getting back in beat and running again. It's been going steady for a couple of months now (until I stopped it to take photos), so I'm very happy with it no matter the maker, but I'd still really like to ID it so I can accurately date it.
As a bonus, the porcelain dial has a great Uranium glow under 395nm UV lights too.
The base is hollow and light/tin like, most of the plating has worn off outside the dome, under the glass the plating is mostly intact.

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NAWCC Member
Nov 24, 2014
San Antonio, TX
Welcome to the forum! It appears what you have is a JUF, likely made during 1907-1908. The "F" is likely a mark from an inspector as suggested in a recent thread about a clock with Urania on the top part of the dial...you might be able to find that thread.

So the clock has been running and keeping time? I see that the small adjustment weights are moved completely out to their full extent. If it runs in that position, it suggests that the suspension spring is too thick and causes the clock to run fast, but moving the weights out counteracts that. If it runs, let it go, but if/when the clock needs work, it might be worth checking into changing the spring out.

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New User
Oct 4, 2022
Thanks for that. Appreciate the info - I was definitely getting lost a little.
I wondered about the weights, but as I haven't changed the spring, I've not tinkered with it much - it's keeping pretty good time for now. I'll at least have more info when I do go looking for a replacement if/when that day arrives.
Cheers and thank you

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